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Dominate Local Search: 6 Ways to Outsmart Your Competition

Unless you’re a national or global brand your business is most likely competing against the local competition in your city, region, or state. Furthermore, the competition is probably the stiffest online in the digital marketing…
Digital Marketing Checklist For 2022

Digital Marketing Checklist For 2022

Managing your digital marketing with a checklist ensures that you will stay on track this year. Like any other initiative your business undertakes, having a process and monitoring your progress allows you to make adjustments…
Paid Social Media Advertising to Grow Your Business

Paid Social Advertising To Grow Your Business

By now most businesses have a presence on social media but not all of them understand the value of using paid social advertising to grow their business. Advertising on social media provides the opportunity for…
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Are Your Paid Advertising Campaigns Failing to Produce Qualified Leads?

When you’re counting on your paid advertising campaigns to produce results (aka “qualified leads”) and all you are getting is a bunch of tire kickers; it’s easy to blame the ad campaigns. But there are…