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Dominate Local Search: 6 Ways to Outsmart Your Competition

Unless you’re a national or global brand your business is most likely competing against the local competition in your city, region, or state. Furthermore, the competition is probably the stiffest online in the digital marketing…
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7 Digital Marketing Myths You Need to Avoid

As a digital marketing agency in Raleigh, we are passionate about helping small business owners grow their online presence and make their businesses more visible. However, we often find ourselves overcoming some common digital marketing…
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Why Google My Business and Business Listings Are Important

Google My Business is a free listing made available to all businesses by the #1 search engine in the world, Google. Business Listings refers to a multitude of other online business directories that aggregate and…
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Using Digital Tools Differently to Empower Human Connection and Culture

    Elysia: Hey everyone, welcome to Life is Digital™. I’m your host, Elysia Cadorniga. This week, we’re going to get ready to learn a little bit more about digital marketing and digital in the…