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Why Your Brand, Marketing and Sales Need to Align

We often see businesses isolate their sales and marketing efforts and to a great extent treat branding as one-and-done. While on the surface this may sound like a viable strategy, the reality is that these…
Life is Digital Podcast Guest Bob Keefer

Using Effective Messaging to Combat Common Misperceptions in your Industry

    Elysia: Well, hello everybody. Welcome to Life is Digital. I’m your host, Elysia Cadorniga. Get ready to learn about digital marketing as we share different knowledgeable perspectives, insights and current trends going on,…
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Are Your Paid Advertising Campaigns Failing to Produce Qualified Leads?

When you’re counting on your paid advertising campaigns to produce results (aka “qualified leads”) and all you are getting is a bunch of tire kickers; it’s easy to blame the ad campaigns. But there are…