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How to Write Mobile Ready Emails for Lead Generation

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How to Write Mobile Ready Emails for Lead Generation


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If you write mobile ready emails, your email marketing will have an even greater impact. Email is the trusty, reliable means of communication that’s the centerpiece of most lead generation campaigns. Like an old pair of sunglasses that you don’t want to replace, email is always there when you need it.

Email is almost as old as computers themselves. But as old and trustworthy as it is, the way people consume email is changing. The need to write mobile ready emails are essential in today’s technology driven age.

Recent research has shown that more than half of all emails worldwide are read on mobile devices. That’s a big deal. How people consume information on their phones is very different than on their laptops.

With that in mind, are your emails for lead generation optimized for mobile? Or are you still creating them with desktops in mind?

Write Mobile Ready Emails – 3 Attributes

Short, Direct Copy

People’s attention spans are shorter than ever, and they don’t want to spend time reading emails on their phones unless they’re really interested. Yet we always see emails with paragraphs and paragraphs of content (in small type, no less).

Keep your copy short. Grab people’s attention with a compelling offer or message, then get to the point, fast.

Strong Image, If Any

Images can be an important part of your emails. They play well on the small screens of mobile devices. But they should be strong and purposeful. They should enhance and complement the message you’re trying to convey.

But images aren’t always necessary. Depending on the situation, a simple text email is all that’s needed, as long as the copy is short and direct (see above).

Simple Call to Action

Emails for lead generation should have a purpose. There should be an action you want the reader to take.

Think about that action and how well it will work on a mobile device. Clicking through to a simple form or an offer on a mobile-optimized website? Great! Downloading a large PDF? Not so much. Also, your email should have just one call to action. People don’t want to go back and forth to your email to click on multiple links or perform multiple actions. So they won’t do it.

Write Mobile Ready Emails – Exceptions

All of the above is always true, except when it isn’t.

In some situations and industries, the desktop email is still the norm. Some audiences want and need lots of copy. You just have to know your audience and how they like to get information. Despite its age, email remains an important, effective tool in your digital marketing and lead generation efforts. You just need to be aware of how people are consuming your content and write mobile ready emails accordingly.

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