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A Solid Digital Foundation is Key to Success in Online Marketing

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A Solid Digital Foundation is Key to Success in Online Marketing


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All buildings are built from the foundation up. It’s well known that if the foundation is not solid, the structure will eventually collapse. If the proper steps are taken to build a strong foundation, the building will last a lifetime. Such a simple concept for buildings yet why is it so many businesses fail to build a solid foundation for their ‘digital house’ which supports their online marketing

What is a Digital Foundation?

At the core, your digital foundation is the framework for growing your business online. It requires various digital assets such as your website, social media platforms, online listings, landing pages, content, etc. Setting up these assets properly and aligning them with your business goals will ensure they perform at an optimal level.

Why is Your Digital Foundation Important?

Many businesses jump into email marketing or online advertising before having the essentials of their online foundation in place. Missed steps, incomplete information and lack of analytics are few of the mistakes which can ultimately affect the reach and performance of a campaign. Regardless of the type of online marketing you choose, anything you create, publish or launch requires digital assets. Moreover, a properly set up and maintained digital foundation establishes trust and authority with both your audience and search engines.


You will need online tools like Google, Facebook, and Hubspot to grow your business and connect online with customers. Taking the steps to choose the right tools, properly set them up and optimize them will provide a solid digital foundation for the future growth of your business. Take the time to do it right. After all, isn’t your business worth investing in?


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