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What is Google’s Multisearch Feature and How Can Businesses Take Advantage of It?

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What is Google's Multisearch Feature and How Can Businesses Take Advantage of It?

What is Google’s Multisearch Feature and How Can Businesses Take Advantage of It?

Google is once again advancing how we search for answers with the introduction of Multisearch, a new feature made available last year which uses text and images at the same time.

What is Google’s Multisearch Feature?

Have you ever been trying to find the exact part for your car, the instructions on how to take care of an exotic plant or a step-by-step guide to a certain hairstyle—but lacked the words to describe what you needed?

With Multisearch, you can now open your Google app, tap the Lens camera icon and either search for a screenshot or take a photo of the object you’re looking to know more about. When you add the image or screenshot to the search bar you can also add text. This allows you to add more context to your search to get exactly what you’re looking for.

Multisearch Near Me

We’ve grown accustomed to the power of adding the words “near me” to a search query and getting results that include only businesses, products, or services that are available in our local neighborhood. We all love this feature! Now with Multisearch “near me” searches are even more powerful. 

By recognizing the visual intricacies of image with the intent of the searcher, Multisearch is able to scan millions of images and reviews on web pages and maps to find results.

Multisearch Scene Exploration

Coming soon, you’ll be able to scan videos, ask a question, and get instant answers with Multisearch Scene Exploration. The power of having Google analyze a video and pick out the context of each object and deliver results is going to be huge for searchers and businesses alike. Just imagine if your search using a video of a store display of candy bars could give you results for only those bars that were organic, dark chocolate and nut-free!

How Can Businesses Take Advantage of Multisearch?

Did you know that on average consumers spend 82% of their time on discovery? With the launch of Multisearch this is all going to change. Discovery is becoming richer, meaning it won’t be solely keyword based. Search will be tapping into visual content like video, images, and PDF’s.

Businesses of all sizes can leverage Multisearch to drive more customers and clients to their storefronts, their websites, and other online assets such as social media platforms.

By creating high quality and relevant visual content alongside structured entity data, you will be giving Google the context it needs to find your products and services quickly and efficiently.

There is no time to waste. The sheer quantity of content on the internet has made visual content, especially video, increasingly popular for several years.  Savvy businesses are using video to launch or introduce products, demonstrate how products work, share testimonials, showcase company culture, and bring visual life to  podcasts, just to name a few.

Investing in quality photography for your business is also another way to leverage Multisearch. 

Gone are the days of relying on stock imagery. Images that truly represent your brand, culture, products and services will not only make you stand out from the rest but when properly optimized for Google can impact your searchability.

So bottomline, now is the time to take action and get in front of the competition by having visually rich content and digital assets that are optimized for search.

If you’re ready to explore all Google Multisearch has to offer, let’s talk; we offer a free consultation. Contact us here.

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