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Call-to-Actions: Strategies That Work!

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Call-to-Actions: Strategies That Work!

Call-to-Actions: Strategies That Work!

As the name implies, call-to-actions are meant to get your audience to take action on whatever it is you are selling or offering. So why do call-to-actions like  “Learn More” and “Buy Now” fail to get results (i.e. convert leads into customers)? There are a number of reasons including a lack of urgency, a lack of exclusivity and potentially a sense of ambiguity about what exactly the visitor is supposed to do.

Before you panic about your own CTA’s, here’s a pretty sobering stat. According to Small Biz Trends, 70% of small business B2B sites lack a call-to-action.


As a digital marketing agency in Raleigh, NC we are constantly creating great content for our clients, whether that’s for their website, their social media, their paid advertising campaigns or their email marketing. These content pieces have one thing in common that’s integral to their success: killer call-to-actions.

Crafting a Call-To-Action

So how do you craft an effective call-to-action? It starts with identifying the pain your target audience is experiencing. Next, you need to determine the root cause of the problem and then offer a solution or the results your business can provide.

Getting your customers to take action requires removing all barriers, to make it easy for them. They’ve got a lot of questions and they’re looking to you for answers.

Call-To-Action Strategies

In order to be able to write effective call-to-actions, every business needs a strategy or two. We’ve got several tried and true strategies to help you get started.

Offering a free trial.

This strategy can be a very effective way to attract customers to take your product or service for a test ride before they commit to a longer term contract or purchase. Establishing the process to turn your free trial into a paying subscription or sale is an important part of this strategy.

If you ask people to buy after their first encounter with your brand, 84% of them will bounce off your site. But, if you offer them a free trial, you can increase conversions by 328%.

Delivering results.

You can lower potential customers’ resistance to engaging with you if you demonstrate the results they can expect from your products or services. By removing the risk, you make it easier for your audience to take action and click through to your offer.

Offering instant gratification.

In today’s world, consumers expect to receive something with the click of a button, whether it’s food, entertainment, or a product or service. The “instant gratification” call-to-action satisfies this need and is a powerful way to create the initial engagement with your target audience and nurture the relationship.

Sparking curiosity.

This strategy makes clicking a button hard to resist. Curiosity naturally leads us to want to learn more, receive the reward, and not miss out on what could make our lives better. When making a purchase, your target audience makes emotional decisions and then justifies the purchase with logic. There is nothing better than curiosity to feed this emotional response!

Offering a bonus.

When someone is on the fence about making a decision, the offer of receiving something extra can be a very hard thing to resist. Who doesn’t like getting something for nothing, right? Think of offering a 2 for 1, a discount or rebate,  or perhaps free shipping. By giving them a reward, you’re telling them you’re willing to take the risk.

You now have 5 call-to-action strategies to help you convert your audience. Some may work better than others for your business so it’s important to test out several different ones and measure their effectiveness. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not seeing immediate results. Digital marketing is a process not an exact science!

If you’re unsure where to start, we’d be happy to help. We offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation. Book your call here!

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