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8 Reasons to Work with a Digital Marketing Agency

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8 Reasons to Work with a Digital Marketing Agency

Why should your business work with a digital marketing agency? If you are asking yourself this question, then keep reading as we uncover 8 reasons why hiring BOS Digital makes sense.

To add some context to the “why”, let’s start by answering “what is digital marketing?”

What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a strategy designed to target, reach, and build online relationships with customers and potential customers by methods such as:

With so many options, digital marketing is complex, fast paced, and continually evolving. Knowing what strategy to employ, which tools to use, and where to even begin can be an overwhelming experience. Does this sound like your business? If so, you are not alone! Many businesses today realize the value of digital marketing and work with a digital marketing agency to achieve their goals and grow their business.

Consider these 8 reasons your business should work with a digital marketing agency:

Build a Strong Online Presence

All great digital marketing strategies require research; expert research by subject matter experts who understand the digital landscape and how it works for your business. This understanding allows them to build the foundation of a strong digital presence for your business. When you work with a digital marketing agency you benefit from their expertise and knowledge of best practices, latest trends and tools.

Develop Strategic Planning

Nothing takes the place of short and long term strategic planning when it comes to delivering results from your digital marketing. The job of a digital marketing agency is to provide the right strategy to ensure your short term goals align with your bigger goals and be able to monitor and evaluate this on a monthly or quarterly basis. The flexibility and agility of your strategic plan and your digital marketing agency need to produce the results you are looking for. 

Provide Fresh, High Impact Content

Content marketing is one of the mainstays of a strong digital marketing strategy. A digital marketing agency will understand how your audience consumes content and allow them to continually create fresh, high impact content that converts. By measuring the effectiveness of your content (eg. Does your content generate clicks and downloads? Does your social media content create engagement?) your digital marketing agency can improve your content marketing strategy based on performance and platform; all the while staying on brand with your messaging.

Create Social Media Visibility

Social media builds awareness of your business, increases brand loyalty, and is an excellent way to provide outstanding customer service. A digital marketing agency has the expertise to know what works and what does not and can create a social media strategy tailored to your business and its goals.

See how we helped the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame increase social media followers and engagement.

Deliver Results-Driven Paid Advertising Campaigns

The importance of paid advertising has dramatically increased over the past several years. So have the choices of where to advertise. From search and display ads on search engines like Google to social media ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, businesses today must pay to play. But how do you know where to get the best bang for your buck? Developing a paid ad strategy takes time and experience. When you work with a digital marketing agency you get the knowledge and expertise to drive results.

See how we helped a local ax throwing club use Google Search Ads to generate 100 lead conversions during the holiday season.

Adapt to Changing Search Engine Algorithms

SEO is one of the mainstays of a solid online presence as it helps drive traffic to your website.

Keywords, backlinks and content are all components of SEO however a digital marketing agency will also ensure your website architecture, page speed and responsive web design meet or exceed the latest search engine algorithms.

It Is A Scalable Service

When you consider the variety of digital marketing options, it is easy to see you probably will not utilize all of them at the same time. A well thought out digital strategy will employ a mix of methods, uniquely planned to fit your business and fuel its growth. A digital marketing agency is positioned to accommodate your needs by offering plans and packages. Having a scalable and flexible agency is important, especially when you are targeting a new market.

Frees You Up to Focus on Your Business

Work smart, not harder. Attempting to run your digital marketing with an internal team means you’ll be involved to some degree. There is also the cost you will need to incur in the tools to run and manage your campaigns. These can be costly not only to purchase or subscribe to, but also to set up and get adequately trained. Time is money after all. By hiring a digital marketing agency, you will free up not only your time but the time of your team; valuable time that can be used to grow your business. And isn’t that what you do best?

Without a doubt digital marketing has the power to grow your business. Working with a digital marketing agency can help you achieve results quicker and avoid the learning curve and pitfalls of trying to DIY it!

Take the first step and schedule your no-obligation digital marketing consultation with our experts today.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2021 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

BOS Digital is a digital marketing agency in Raleigh. Our team of subject matter experts understand the complexities of lead generation, digital marketing, communications, and goal-driven marketing.

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