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What is Goal Driven Marketing?

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What is Goal Driven Marketing?

Goal driven marketing is no different than any other objective you’ve set for your business. You define the goal, you create a plan of action, and you measure its effectiveness. From there you can see what’s working and what’s not and make adjustments. So, it’s time to apply the same principles to your digital marketing.


What do you expect from your digital marketing?

Digital marketing is no longer an option for any business; your company needs to establish a strong online presence, create consistent content, and generate qualified leads from multiple sources.

So, what is your goal driven marketing objective?

Your goal needs to be specific and measurable and align with your greater business goals.

When defining your goal, it’s important that it has a clear direction and vision – no wishy-washy goal; it needs to be realistic and attainable.

To help you better understand goal driven marketing we’ve defined the following 6 objectives.


Increase brand awareness.

As a startup or new local business, your digital marketing goal may simply be to increase brand awareness. Or if your company is more established and is looking to enter a new market or launch a new product or service, this goal may be right for you. Increasing brand awareness has the potential to attract new customers and possibly re-engage with former ones.

In either case it’s important to first clearly define the voice and personality of your brand, business or new product / service.

Increasing brand awareness can be achieved through engaging storytelling and content marketing, disseminated on the appropriate channels where your customers and prospects expect to find you.

The effectiveness of your brand awareness content can be measured by follows, shares and comments if done on social media, or an increase in traffic, search volume and backlinks when the content is on your website.

Pro tip: Be sure to have Advanced Google Analytics setup on your website. It is one of the best ways to measure the effectiveness of any digital marketing campaign.


Increase revenue.

This may seem like a no-brainer goal driven marketing objective, after all, what business doesn’t want to increase its revenue? The goal of digital marketing in generating revenue is to touch consumers regardless of where they are in their buying journey.

We’ve talked before about the sales funnel; top, middle, and bottom, and how it can help you set your marketing budget. Now we look at what type of digital marketing content is appropriate for each stage.

Top of funnel is where you build that strong online presence through engaging content, disseminated on the appropriate channels to attract your target audience.

Middle of funnel is where you look to turn prospects into marketing qualified leads. Email nurturing and retargeting paid advertising campaigns are some of the best digital marketing strategies to achieve this goal.

Bottom of funnel is where you create educational content (white papers, downloadable infographics, etc), product demos via video, customer testimonials. The goal of this type of content is to turn prospects into loyal customers.

The effectiveness of your goal of increasing revenue can be measured by your recurring revenue, average customer revenue, and your closing rates.


Generate high-quality leads.

Growing any business requires a steady stream of high-quality leads. Here is where digital marketing is an effective way to generate leads that convert and work in synergy with your sales efforts.

Converting leads to new contacts can be achieved through forms on your website or landing pages as well as through chatbots. There are many ways to generate qualified traffic leads that convert such as paid advertising (especially retargeting), email marketing, content marketing, and social media.

The effectiveness of your revenue generating marketing efforts can be measured by knowing who turns into a customer. Here is where having a properly setup CRM tool, like SharpSpring, can be of great value.


Increase website traffic.

Setting a goal of increasing the traffic to your website is often a smart and effective starting point for any marketing strategy. Your website is one of your most valuable digital assets as it represents your brand and values, validates your business with search engines and customers alike, and is a key location for conversions.

Some of the main strategies to increase your website traffic include paid advertising campaigns, ongoing SEO (search engine optimization) to increase your search ranking, and blogging.

Pro tip: Be sure to link all your marketing channels back to your website for maximum ROI.

The effectiveness of your efforts to increase website traffic can be measured through Google Analytics with metrics such as total sessions, total unique page views, average time on page, and bounce rate. 

Increase customer value.

The cost of acquiring a customer is far greater than retaining one. So as part of a goal driven marketing strategy it makes sense to increase customer value.

Consider creating a loyalty or referral program for your customers. Incentives like these have the potential for new customer acquisition and the growth of existing ones. Another great way to increase customer value is through telling the success stories of your customers and demonstrating how they used digital marketing to their advantage.

The effectiveness of your marketing efforts to increase customer value can be measured by new client acquisition, upsells to your current client base and assessing what content resonates with your audience with the goal of increasing these types of marketing strategies.


Improve internal brand.

Have you ever considered the importance of how your internal team speaks on your brand? Do they understand your target audience, customer persona, and your buyer’s journey?

When developing your goal driven marketing plan don’t underestimate the value of your team being your best brand ambassadors! Make sure they can confidently deliver a brand consistent message. 


Now that you understand some of the basics of a goal driven marketing plan it’s time to choose a goal, create the digital marketing assets and measure their effectiveness.

Our team of subject matter experts are here to help guide you through the process. 

Schedule your no-obligation digital marketing consultation today. 


BOS Digital is a digital marketing agency in Raleigh. Our team of subject matter experts understand the complexities of lead generation, digital marketing, communications, and goal-driven marketing.

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