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Case Study

How an Exhibit Production Company Used Digital Marketing to Generate Qualified Leads From Trade Show Attendees

The Client

Zig Zibit

Zig Zibit is an exhibit/display production company that offers custom exhibit design, manufacturing, rental, and show-service coordination.

They create cost effective, brand enhancing exhibit/display spaces for their clients that enable them to impress their target market, reach event goals and get the most out of their investment.

The Challenge

Increasing traffic to their booth and brand recognition at a trade show.

Zig Zibit’s booth at the Exhibitor Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada was innovative and the first of its kind. Zig Zibit knew their ability to engage with decision makers and marketing professionals was critical to their overall success at the trade show. They looked to BOS Digital to create a holistic digital marketing campaign to increase social engagement and ultimately generate new revenue from the trade show.

The Solution

BOS Digital worked with Zig Zibit to develop an engagement strategy for before, during and after the trade show.

The solution included these key strategies:

  • Inviting attendees to pre-register for an interactive and fun contest with on-the-spot cash prize giveaways at the trade show
  • Mailing attendees a piece of the booth after the trade show
Zig Zibit Exhibitor Booth

Attendees were invited to pre-register online and receive double the value of their scratch-off tickets at the trade show. In addition, Zig Zibit conducted a $250 grand prize drawing exclusively from participants who pre-registered online. 

At the show, attendees received a tile and were given the chance to sign them – or doodle, to express creativity. The tiles then became part of the booth mosaic at the trade show.

Zig Zibit Exhibitor Booth Attendee

Photos were taken of the mosaic as it evolved over the span of the trade show. The evolution of the mosaic wall was showcased on Zig Zibit’s social media platforms leading to increased social engagement.  

Zig Zibit ran a total of 17 different digital marketing campaigns with the help of BOS Digital. Each campaign was tracked and measured for it’s effectiveness and ROI giving Zig Zibit the ability to tie conversions and sales directly to the each marketing campaigns. 

The Results

BOS Digital helped Zig Zibit attract over 400 pre-registered attendees, resulting in 18 qualified sales leads.

BOS Digital understood the needs of Zig Zibit and how to build an effective and profitable digital marketing campaign. Additional metrics included generating over 12,151 social impressions and 2,069 social views resulting in 725 people and/or businesses engaging throughout the entire campaign period. 

Email marketing and digital campaigns have the ability to drive engagement and revenue for a business. Failing to implement and measure digital marketing  campaigns before, during and after a trade show or conference could have cost  a company like Zig Zibit the opportunity to showcase their booth, connect with qualified prospects, and generate an ROI.

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