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How the Wine & Design Franchise Set Up Facebook Advertising for Long-Term Success

The Client

Wine & Design

Wine & Design is the perfect place to unwind and have fun. The company offers a range of affordable private and public paint & sip parties for all age groups. 

Co-founder and CEO, Harriet Mills, alongside her husband, Patrick Mills, flew out to CA in hopes to scale their business. Harriet, a millennial entrepreneur, stepped into Shark Tank eager to evaluate her fast-growing business from a different perspective. With much success, Harriet hooked a deal with Kevin O’Leary. 

By 2016, they had more than 50 franchised locations and hadn’t spent much on advertising. And with little to no advertising, Wine & Design knew their growth can only go so far. 


The Challenge

Facebook advertising accounts were no longer active, thus preventing franchisees from running advertising campaigns.

Wine & Design’s Facebook advertising accounts had not been active for over 4+ months. From BOS Digital’s initial assessment, we concluded that Facebook stopped running campaigns due to being out of compliance with the new FB requirements and recent iOS14 tracking policy changes. This policy change affected all companies running Facebook ads, and many companies still wrestle with this challenge today. For franchise organizations like Wine & Design, it could potentially stop all active campaigns, thus directly impacting lead generation and growth efforts.

The Solution

BOS Digital setup and/or optimization new and existing franchisee Facebook ad accounts built for long-term success.

We setup/optimized 59 franchisee Facebook ad accounts that nest under the main corporate account, allowing individual franchisees to be able to see/run their own campaigns, including handling their own billing. Our team also provided visibility for headquarters so they can identify potential roadblocks or settings that may affect the franchisees’ campaign results. 

Following thereafter, BOS Digital created a single “Master” pixel. This master pixel would be used within all pages on the site, including franchise landing pages. The biggest difference from their current situation was that the new “Master” pixel would need to be associated with each individual Facebook Ads account- it was the only way to solve the iOS14 issues. 

Today, BOS Digital continues to provide ongoing support options for all franchise locations in hopes to minimize future challenges and to prevent their ad accounts from being deactivated in Facebook.

The Results

Wine & Design franchisees can now run successful, optimized campaigns and feel confident about their advertising results.

Platforms will continue to update policies over time as the technology advances or changes. For a small business, these constant changes can be hard to keep up with, ultimately causing roadblocks with their current marketing efforts. Wine & Design franchise locations will no longer need to worry about keeping up with these changes and can channel their motivation and energy into advertising campaigns that drive revenue. 

The Results

Wine & Design Headquarters have new visibility into their franchisees’ advertising platforms to eliminate future challenges and to better serve their locations.

If you run a franchise, it’s no surprise that gaps develop between corporate and the franchisee owners. With advertising assets set up correctly and built to scale, corporate can focus on providing value and guidance to their franchisees’ marketing efforts. No longer does corporate have to consume their time and money on a solution that’s not built to last. 

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