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How Wake Plastic Surgery Grew Organic Followers by 2.5x in Less Than 14 Months

The Client

Wake Plastic Surgery

Wake Plastic Surgery, a premier plastic surgery center and med spa located in Cary, North Carolina, has found the perfect marriage of artistic talent and scientific thought processes in their passion for plastic surgery. The team, including Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Stoeckel and Dr. Purzycki, are committed to continuing education and believe that effective communication is the primary key to achieving results that supersede expectations. 

Being that the center has some of the greatest surgeons and technicians of the Triangle, the WPS leadership knew it was time to showcase the company’s reputation and awareness in the market. They learned quickly that aligning with their audience and engaging with clients through social media was necessary for growth and an increase in long-standing client relationships. 

Challenge #1

Build Trust With Their Social Media Fanbase

With a compelling story to tell, Wake Plastic Surgery understood the importance of building trust with their fanbase yet struggled to produce content that increased engagement and following on their social media channels.

The Solution

BOS Digital developed a social media strategy and followed it consistently over the course of time.

BOS Digital identified the need for a social media strategy and action plan. The solution provided Wake Plastic Surgery with guidance on the types of content to share, how often to post and most importantly, an engagement strategy to help build a fanbase.

The Results

Over the course of 14 months, Wake Plastic Surgery saw a 148% increase in their fanbase on Instagram.

Wake Plastic Surgery attained a larger, more engaged fanbase and was able to generate product sales during the first phase of COVID-19 shutdown.

When Wake Plastic Surgery engaged with BOS Digital the first steps were to provide a detailed plan of action for social media marketing. The plan included content and the engagement strategy. BOS Digital supported the WPS team with an interactive analytics tool allowing them to monitor their performance and make quick adjustments in real-time. Over the course of 14 months the collaboration resulted in a successful organic strategy, an increase in calls to the plastic surgery center and med spa and a growth in traffic to all channels including the company’s Google My Business page and the website.

Challenge #2

Maintain Relevancy in Marketplace During The COVID-19 Shutdown

During the first phase of COVID-19 shutdown, Wake Plastic Surgery had to reduce their staff and pause services yet find a way to maintain relevance in the market.

The Solution

Wake Plastic Surgery and BOS Digital swiftly came together and implemented curbside pickup for face and skincare products.

In tandem, Wake Plastic Surgery and BOS Digital managed the logistics of the curbside pick-up plan which included capturing product photography and spreading the word through Facebook and Instagram.

The Results

Wake Plastic Surgery maintained 45% of product sales during the first phase of COVID-19 shutdown thanks to agility and social media strategy.

BOS Digital worked closely with the WPS team to produce and post quality content, educating the audience on the quality behind the medical grade skincare, how to pick up the products, and current deals. 

Due to the limitations on physical interaction and social distancing it was important to also inform customers on the safety protocols of purchasing products. By making this quick adjustment Wake Plastic Surgery has retained its vitality in the market.

“We could not be more pleased.  We wanted to find a professional digital marketing company that understood how we wanted to present ourselves in the social media arena- authentic, honest, caring, compassionate, professional and relatable. We also wanted a company that had the expertise to guide us appropriately in the digital marketing world.

We experienced 3 less than satisfying relationships with other companies prior to teaming with BOS.  I cannot stress enough what a difference we experienced once we started working with BOS on our SEO and social media platforms.”

Lisa Yepez
– Practice Manager at Wake Plastic Surgery

BOS Digital will continue to service Wake Plastic Surgery by remaining agile in the time of crisis and maintaining a close collaboration with the WPS team.

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