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What People Say

I am writing this review to share to the public what they receive when they use a Company like BOS Digital. This was my personal response/reaction when they completed my website that I spent so much wasted time and money with other companies that made promises not kept. Though I don’t want to insult other website companies because they simply did not understand my entire artistic endeavor, the meaning for my being so picky. But Elysia, Katie, and Erika of BOS Digital most certainly understood my reasons, the special tribute to my family, and the importance of the honor for my legacy.

A simple conversation with this remarkable team and they were truly more into creating our website and beyond far more than I ever expected. When you know people don’t just hear you, they listen and become the extension of your company that you truly need to set your company apart from all of the rest. Need proof? Just go to my website, and there will be your proof. To anyone with a Military background: BOS Digital “has got your six all the way!”

Why not be honest?! This is my response to Elysia, one of the partners at BOS Digital, as I explained to her how I felt about my experience with them!


“I have been sitting here reading over the website that you and your team created. Elysia I have to say one thing to you.

I have been crying my eyes out… I am just so glad that I have the ability to hold it together in a public/meeting forum. I am so enamored by the work done on my website. I kind of feel like it is
OUR website. A history, a tribute, and a great honor to trust your team with creating such detailed work that keeps making me sit here and cry. The ladies were so adorable in the meeting today! Both of them were so
proud of their work and I know that they knew how much I loved it.

But, I don’t think they realized how much it has touched my heart, that I would never want another person to care for my tribute to my family, and all animals. This is a special endeavor for me, and you know that it takes special people to understand where I am coming from, and to follow through like all of you have.

From all of us to you, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I will never leave your company! You are stuck with me!”

I can’t say enough for the level of professionalism shown in the process of developing our website. The team took great effort to study the nature of our business and laid out beautifully designed visual concept, which perfectly reflects our philosophy.
Thank you, BOS Digital. We are happy to have partners like you in our path to success.
Bos Digital has done more than exceeded all of my expectations. For a small start up company. They educated me of the importance of the web and what it could do for my company ,if it was set up properly . They delivered and then some. The value of their service was more than i thought it would be. Learning how important it is to have that online presence. It has already has shown the benefits ! Between lead generations and over all awareness of your company it is fully worth it. I look forward to long lasting relationship with BOS Digital. Jeff, Wendy, Elysia and rest of the team at BOS Digital have been more that a pleasure to work with. They are the best of what they do, Hands down!!!!!
We had the best experience working with BOS Digital. They are absolutely focused on providing top-notch service to their clients, and their communication goes above and beyond (especially considering we have been working with them through the COVID-19 pandemic)! Our website launch went without hitch, and is exactly what we were aiming for. We will continue working with them on future projects because they made the whole process seamless. Thank you all for your hard work!
Working with BOS for a few months now has an absolute delight and that is NOT an overstatement. In our 8 years of being in business, we worked with 5 different digital marketing agencies so interviewed 3 other agencies before choosing BOS. Elysia quickly feveloped a great feel for our messaging and added value to it. She is very professional and is totally organized for every meeting with her. The team behind her is top notch and we are excited about our new website.
Our team has been working with BOS Digital over a year now. We could not be more pleased. We wanted to find a professional digital marketing company that understood how we wanted to present ourselves in the social media arena- authentic, honest, caring, compassionate, professional and relatable. We also wanted a company that had the expertise to guide us appropriately in the digital marketing world. We experienced 3 less than satisfying relationships with other companies prior to teaming with BOS. I cannot stress enough what a difference we experienced once we started working with BOS on our SEO and social media platforms. For starters, they got to know us before we teamed up. They listened to where we come from, how we grew over time, and where we wanted to go with our social media presence. Once we decided to work together, they got to work! They identified where we needed SEO improvement quickly and executed corrections. They guided us with creative insight an valuable digital marketing strategy information. I especially like that BOS Digital attends our internal monthly marketing meetings in person. Elysia and Anthony are part of our team and they are 100% invested. They are in tune with our social media growth and presence every day. We are very blessed to have found a professional, kind and experienced company like BOS to work with!
I can’t say enough about Bos Digital. I had somewhat of a tricky unconventional type website buildout. I needed to have my existing site, which incorporates old code , merge with the new wordpress buildout. So Elysia’s team collaborated with my former web people to get the two to merge and work seamlessly within the newly updated site. It was a challenge and a chore but Elysia, who is an incredible listener, made sure everything that I wanted and needed would be there. Thank you guys for a job well done . And also as many times as I emailed Elysia with bits and pieces of what I wanted she was right there with me and knew exactly what I wanted.

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