Washington Pavements

About the Client

Headquartered in Virginia, Washington Pavements has successfully paved neighborhoods for over three generations. While technology has advanced for the paving industry over the decades, the same goes for their lead generation efforts online. At BOS Digital, we’ve worked alongside the Washington Pavements team, better understanding their business goals and how we could serve them to drive more customers to their business.

Generated 1,247 in 6 months with Google ads

The Challenge

Washington Pavements needed to clean up their online digital assets and dial up the heat in lead acquisition.

Most companies like Washington Pavements may be unaware that their online information is not listed correctly. BOS Digital assessed Washington Pavements’ online presence and determined that the company needed an “information cleanup” on platforms like Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Being that it was important for Washington Pavements to launch more aggressive lead generation activities like paid advertising, their online presence had to be accurate, consistent, and relevant to online users.

The Solution

BOS Digital worked with Washington Pavements to establish an accurate online presence and roll out aggressive Google advertising campaigns.

The BOS team helped Washington Pavements update their online information across all platforms. By doing so, their online presence no longer posed a threat to their advertising goals. The BOS team replaced existing campaigns with the goal of increasing reach, acquiring as many leads as possible, and trying to dominate their geographic region.

For these campaigns, BOS Digital focused on generating leads for the client. In the context of Washington Pavements, a lead was represented by someone completing a “request a quote form” or making a phone call to the client’s offices. BOS Digital also put in place phone call tracking to more accurately track the volume of phone calls generated by the campaign.

The Results

From the start of the campaign in mid-March until the end of September 2021, BOS Digital successfully generated 1,247 leads for Washington Pavements.

Resulting over the last six months, Google Ads is the leading source for Washington Pavement’s traffic to the website – these ads generate 67.08% of all traffic to the site. Additionally, Google Ads is the leading source for conversions out of all channels during that same time frame.

BOS Digital is helping Washington Pavements generate conversions at an average cost of $22.45. This means that Washington Pavements is paying, on average, $22.45 to acquire a new lead. This figure is very competitive, especially when you factor in the average value of a closed lead ($3,000 – $5,000).

The return on investment on Google advertising for Washington Pavements continues to remain strong and we look forward to expanding further and hitting new lead generation goals.

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