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About the Client

Now Hear This®, audiology center in Raleigh, NC, is proud to provide hearing aids and hearing services for adults ages 18+. Staffed by Doctors of Audiology and trained at the highest level, Now Hear This® knows the importance of exceptional patient care and modern hearing aid solutions. The company continues to dominate the local markets by sticking to their methodology and trademarked hearing system uniquely built to identify and remove risks of underperforming hearing aids. 

"Very professional and organized team" - Robert Keefer, Owner of Now Hear This®

The Challenge

Upon receiving the News & Observer nomination for Best Audiology/Hearing Center in Raleigh, Now Hear This® needed to formulate a game plan to win the most votes for their business category.

Patients and advocates for Now Hear This® were able to submit one vote each day for two weeks. With a marketing list of over 5,000 contacts, Now Hear This® reached out to BOS Digital to create a strategy that would dominate voting and secure the award.

The Solution

BOS Digital worked with Now Hear This® to build a targeted email campaign to generate votes.

The BOS team built a sequence of emails that deployed over the voting period, encouraging those who trust and love Now Hear This®’s mission to vote online. The email campaign was designed to showcase what the award means to Now Hear This® and what impact it would have in the community if they won. Emails were sent out strategically at the best times and provided valuable content for subscribers to take action and vote.

The Results

The campaign drove 392 clicks to the voting page and resulted in Now Hear This® taking home the award for News & Observer’s Best Audiology/Hearing Center in Raleigh.

Now Hear This® sent 8,152 emails (a 4-part email series) – 2,420 of those emails were opened, averaging a solid 30% open rate (above industry average). Of those 2,420 opens, there was 392 link clicks to the N&O voting page, averaging a 16% click through rate (nearly 5x times greater than the average CTR for email marketing).

N&O results went live online by October 24, 2021. N&O plans to announce the results and create content on their own website that links back to Now Hear This® – a strategic move that positively impacts the hearing center’s current SEO efforts. 

Now Hear This Data August 26 - September 16, 2021
Data was collected above between Aug 26, 2021 – September 16, 2021.
“Working with BOS for a few months now has been an absolute delight and that is NOT an overstatement. In our 8 years of being in business, we worked with 5 different digital marketing agencies so interviewed 3 other agencies before choosing BOS. Elysia and team quickly developed a great feel for our messaging and added value to it. Very professional and is totally organized for every meeting with us. The team behind her is top notch and we are excited about our new website.”
Dr. Robert Keefer, Owner at Now Hear This® Hearing Aids and Audiology
Dr. Robert Keefer
Owner at Now Hear This® Hearing Aids and Audiology

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