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About the Client

John Andretti passed away on January 30, 2020 from colon cancer. After receiving his diagnosis, he and his family rallied around the hashtag “#CheckIt4Andretti” to raise awareness of getting a colonoscopy. That very initiative spun into a new foundation helping to fight the battle with colon cancer. At BOS Digital, we’ve been honored to step in and serve the Andretti family and the CheckIt4Andretti Foundation as they continue to empower the lives of others and educate those on the importance of getting checked for colon cancer.

"Multi-faceted company that can help you with all your media/digital needs" - Nancy Andretti, Founder of CheckIt4Andretti

The Challenge

Creating a brand and online presence to carry the message of the foundation.

Over the years the Andretti family has built a following on social media so when they created the CheckIt4Andretti Foundation it was natural for them to tap into this existing fanbase. But they also realized that their mission needed to cast a wider net. With limited internal resources, it was important for the foundation to partner with an agency with the talent and capabilities to build both a compelling brand to emotionally connect with their audience and an online presence to carry their purpose and message across the nation.

CheckIt4Andretti Brand Presentation
CheckIt4Andretti Brand Presentation
CheckIt4Andretti Foundation

The Solution

BOS Digital and parent company Bos Klein, worked together to create the new CheckIt4Andretti brand, build and establish the foundation’s online presence and roll out a winning NASCAR campaign.

The BOS team developed a logo mark, communication strategy, and positioning statement in tandem with social media platform and online presence optimizations. These brand assets now drive all the foundation’s marketing efforts.

As luck would have it, the brand launch was just prior to the yearly NASCAR Darlington Throwback Weekend and provided the opportunity for a collaboration between the CheckIt4Andretti Foundation and Starcom Racing.

The race and weekend pay homage to NASCAR Hall of Famers, legends, team owners, and valuable sponsors throughout the racing industry. In commemoration of John Andretti, StarCom Racing entered a paint scheme replica of the Ford Thunderbird RCA car he raced in the 1990s. The CheckIt4Andretti car was designed and sponsored by Bos Klein and appreciably contributed to an increased awareness and exposure for the foundation.

BOS Digital worked closely with the WPS team to produce and post quality content, educating the audience on the quality behind the medical grade skincare, how to pick up the products, and current deals. 

Due to the limitations on physical interaction and social distancing it was important to also inform customers on the safety protocols of purchasing products. By making this quick adjustment Wake Plastic Surgery has retained its vitality in the market.

The Results

The brand rollout combined with a successful social media engagement campaign helped the CheckIt4Andretti Foundation and Starcom Racing win 2nd place in the NASCAR Darlington Throwback Paint Scheme Contest.

The BOS team produced a public service announcement video for the CheckIt4Andretti Foundation to bring awareness to the mission. The video highlighted Nancy Andretti, Derrike Cope and the StarCom Racing team. The video along with a series of photos of the car were used in a strategic social campaign to encourage their fanbase to vote for the car. The social strategy included engagement and direct messaging and resulted in a 2nd place finish behind the winning car of Richard Petty.

CheckIt4Andretti Darlington Throwback Race
CheckIt4Andretti Darlington Throwback Race
CheckIt4Andretti Darlington Throwback Race
“Bos Klein is a multi-faceted company that can help you with all your media/digital needs. They were instrumental in establishing all our social channels and websites and so much more. They are kind, patient and professional, especially for someone like me, not adept to the new digital arena required for companies and organizations in today’s world. Please check them out!”
Nancy Andretti
Founder of CheckIt4Andretti Foundation

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