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About the Client

For David Wilson and the team at Carolina’s Choice Real Estate, offering clients a different and more cost effective approach to selling a home was what led to the launch of the company in 2003. Carolina’s Choice Real Estate provides expertise and a wealth of knowledge to the industry, which is evident by the $27,000,000 the team has saved their clients in commissions since the start. 
Carolina’s Choice Real Estate provides fully-loaded flat-fee packages that help you buy or sell a home quickly and efficiently, all while saving you thousands of dollars in the process. With a competitive offer, CCRE knew that advertising on Google would be essential in driving new business.

"Extremely knowledgeable, prompt and delivers as promised." - David Wilson, Owner of Carolina Choice Real Estate

The Challenge

Measuring the Effectiveness of Paid Advertising

Carolina’s Choice Real Estate had been managing their own Google ads for over fifteen years. Although the ads were generating leads, owner David Wilson, wondered if there was room for improvement. He knew platforms evolve and improve over time and looked to BOS Digital to evaluate his target market, campaign details and conversion tracking.

The Solution

BOS Digital assessed the Google Ads account and empowered Carolina's Choice Real Estate to maximize their ad budget.

The assessment identified the following errors in the Google Ads account

  • The location setting to deploy ads in specific geographic areas was targeting locations outside of the firm’s operating area. 
  • Keywords were too broad resulting in their ads being served to unrelated queries generating costly and unfruitful clicks to their website.
  • Tracking was not set up to accurately collect data and track conversions.

BOS Digital stepped in and corrected the errors and restructured the ad campaigns giving Carolina’s Choice Real Estate the ability to tie sales directly to ad campaign conversions.  BOS Digital further empowered CCRE by sharing Google Ad best practices to avoid missing future opportunities. 

The Results

Carolina’s Choice Real Estate has a properly configured Google Ad platform and can be confident they will not repeat the costly $80,185.76 in wasted advertising dollars that resulted from the previous errors.

By taking immediate steps, BOS Digital was able to correct and adjust the Google Ad account and campaigns, ensuring CCRE did not spend any more advertising dollars on non-relevant markets.

While BOS Digital was unable to fix the past errors, the adjustments resulted in improved results. Carolina’s Choice Real Estate can now make better marketing decisions knowing they’re targeting the right audience to drive more qualified leads.

The partnership with BOS Digital has helped Carolina’s Choice Real Estate to better understand the importance of correctly setting up digital tools and assets.

“This firm is top notch! Extremely knowledgeable, prompt and delivers as promised. I’ve worked with them for nearly 2 years and couldn’t be happier. Thanks Wendy, Jeff and Anthony for everything.”
David Wilson, Broker/Owner at Carolina’s Choice Real Estate
David Wilson
Broker/Owner at Carolina’s Choice Real Estate

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